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EA Vehicle Terms and Conditions of Hire

  Rentals over 28 days have a mileage restriction of 100 per day.  If you exceed this mileage allowance mileage is charged at £0.25 per mile plus vat.

 If we receive any parking, speeding or Congestion Charges we could charge between £21 and £42 including vat dependant on who supplied us with the vehicle plus the fine if we pay it for you.
At the end of the rental please replace the fuel back to how you found it otherwise we will charge you the pump price plus 20% for doing it for you, these charges are taken out of your damage deposit. If you have not paid a deposit this charge is taken off your card automatically.
 Please make sure you understand that in the event of damage or accident to our vehicle or a third party vehicle and including any third party personal injury you will be liable up to the amount specified on your rental agreement if you choose not to have waiver on your rental.
  If you have taken out waiver your excess liability is reduced to £270, your damage deposit will be deducted from your excess liability.
Drivers under the age of 25, or high risk occupations incur an additional excess of £400 or if you have any convictions on your license our insurance company may impose an additional excess which cannot be reduced by a waiver.

 Your nominated credit / debit card acts as a security for any charges we would need to recover in pursuance of the hire agreement up to your excess amount signed for, your signature on the insurance form confirms that you accept this.  This also includes fuel shortages/wrong fuel, punctures, broken or chipped windscreens and admin charges etc.
 When hiring a Luton with a tail lift, please understand that the tail lift is powered by the main battery, extensive use could drain this battery, in this instance leave the engine running where possible otherwise you could be liable for the cost of a replacement and recovery. This also applies to internal lights left on in the rear of vans etc.
 All vehicles will have had their levels checked, if you are having the vehicle a length of time please ensure that you keep an eye on the fluid levels, tyres etc. or return the vehicle to us regularly so we may check these for you.
 Please report all accidents to us your fault or not and take the third party details, failure to do so could result in you being charged.
 You must inform us if you wish to take the vehicle abroad as there are special documents that are required and
  additional charges will apply, please ask us for details.
 The windscreen has a separate excess of £250 or the cost of replacement whichever is the lowest price.

 You are reminded you are responsible for any losses incurred by us as a result of the insurance or waiver being void due to information being incorrectly supplied that may affect your cover or result in cover not being offered or withdrawn.  You must tell us if you have had any fault or non-fault accidents in the last 3 years or if you have any medical or physical conditions that we should be aware of that may affect your ability to obtain insurance. It is an offence under the Road Traffic Acts to make any false statement or withhold any material information for the purpose of obtaining a certificate of motor insurance and you could become liable for all costs of any claim.

Cancelation and Refund policy, if you cancel before 24hrs before your booking is due to start you will be refunded the full amount. if within 24 hrs of the start time you may be liable for the full amount. An abortive delivery charge may applied which is £25+Vat

                                              By accepting the vehicle you are agreeing to the above terms.

EA Vehicle Rental is a trade name of Halstead Tyre & Exhaust Centre Ltd.